Digital & Interactive

Clients, Kyoorius, Gallery for Lightbox VC, Kancil Awards, d-Awards, Malaysian Media Association, Panasonic, Supply Cart

Website Front-end UX UI, Customised Backend UX, Interaction Design

– Digital Design is continuously evolving as the mobile has become our primary medium of consuming content. Responsive websites are fundamental for all website design now.

– Designing for digital means designing for 2 parties: the consumer who interacts with the platform, and the user who publishes content on the website using a CMS (content management system) aka a backend.

– We create responsive websites that front-end consumers can navigate smoothly and that work for clients in terms of collecting key data, helping them have better customer experiences and better integrate their digital system and business requirements.

– We have expertise in designing and building Event websites. This requires integrating registration, billing and verification, with the corresponding administrative, logistic and accounting fields such that all of the event team’s data requirements can be exported from one place.

– We also have expertise in designing and building Awards websites. The need here is for digital platforms that can handle the complexity of submission, judging and winner announcements, and make the whole process as easy for an awards management team as possible.

Selected projects

Designyatra: A website designed to provide information and handle user registration for Designyatra, India’s leading design conference.

Kancil Awards System Portals: Our work includes wireframing, plotting user journeys, and UI/UX development for submission, judging & showcase portals.

The Gallery for Lightbox: A mobile responsive site for partners at Lightbox VC to evaluate submissions for funding.

d-Awards System Portals: Our work includes wireframing, plotting user journeys + UI/UX development for submission, judging portals. staff toolkit portal: An internal staff portal for designed to manage and unify all in-house communications.

Panasonic Sales Mobile App: Designed to simplify information, ease communication, and engage and empower Panasonic’s Sales team.

Supplycart Online Brand Toolkit: It captures the essence of the brand for stakeholders and guides them on how to use brand identity, marketing tone or key visual assets to produce marketing comms.