Corporate Identity, Branding, Brand Identity toolkit, Motion Graphics, Advertising & Promotional Graphics, Brand Asset Archiving

The brand

Supplycart’s mission statement is to empower SMEs in creating work-happy people and atmosphere. It helps SMEs enhance their working culture by adding value, managing cost, creating efficiency thus leading a work happy environment.

It aims to help its clients take charge of their office needs – office supplies, office equipment, office furniture, office pantry, stationery supplies and fresh fruit (office fruits) subscriptions – all conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

The brief

We created a corporate identity system that impresses upon the idea that Supplycart makes things simple, engaging and rewarding.

The identity was aimed to appeal to secretaries, administrators, procurement, HR, finance, marketing and C-suite positions. Working closely with Supplycart, we identified 3 core factors that influenced the approach:

  1. Supplycart’s mission to cultivate a work happy culture.
  2. To clearly categorise the products/services that Supplycart offers.
  3. To facilitate collaboration between the existing network of suppliers, vendors and Supplycart’s external digital team & marketing team on various communication needs.

The Solution

The Identity builds on a tab-framework and uses it as a graphic device that unifies various aspects of Supplycart together. It’s supported by the main ‘S’ symbol as the hero of the branding. We used a set of graphic icons to support this identity.

Supplycart Brand Hub

We also developed an online toolkit called the Supplycart brand hub which is a cornerstone of the brand.

The toolkit captures the essence of the brand for stakeholders and guides them on how to use brand identity, marketing tone or key visual assets to engage with the outside world when representing Supplycart.

The toolkit explains branding in a systematic way; addressing the various forms of marketing, advertising and corporate communication. We used illustrations, examples, and guidelines to simplify a stakeholder’s understanding of the Supplycart brand.

A flexible tab-framework that unifies products & services and puts the happy in #workhappy culture.