Internal Visual Branding for, the world’s leading accommodations booking platform is the world’s largest accommodation booking platform handling over 1 million bookings per day. Over the years as grew, their staff numbers shot up from 4000 (2015) to over 10,000 across 158 offices (2018). Managing and informing so many people leads to a massive number of internal communications. Imagine more than 50 training sessions; 750 partner presentations; and 1250 memos, posters and flyers sent out per day. All looking incoherent with the brand and disorganised in their usage of visual elements.

To resolve this and make internal communications coherent, commissioned the expert team of Addikt, Some Early Birds and Dog & Pony, to create a systematic Branding for Internal Communications. We designed Booking:people, a branded comms toolkit that uses graphics, illustrations, type and motion, in a simple and flexible way. Not every staff at is a designer but they still need to use the system in their daily communication, therefore we also developed the Booking:people Brandhub. The brandhub is an online brand guide that offers employees worldwide access to all tools and information they need to use the new communication system.

Client, Amsterdam

Creative Partners
Addikt, Dog & Pony, Amsterdam

Identity & Brand Design, Digital Brand Hub.