Kancil Awards

4As Malaysia

Digital Partners
Origine IT, Appleseedmy


Wireframing, UX/UI, Awards Management Portal, Technical, Showcase Annual, Publication Design, Event Branding

The client

The Kancil Awards is acknowledged as Malaysia’s largest, most prestigious advertising awards competition. Organised by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia, the awards are an effort to align the advertising and creative communications industry to international standards.

The Brief

While this awards programme has done well to raise creative standards locally, the 4As recognised that the 20-year-old awards model needed a fresh approach to remain relevant to new businesses that exist today.

We were creative and strategic consultants for the 4As and helped plan and implement this new awards module on a digital platform.

Identifying the task. 

Some key issues we identified with the 4As:

  1. To institute transparency during submission and judging processes.
  2. Effectively showcase the agencies’ problem-solving skills.
  3. To be more inclusive of all business sectors and talents involved in the production of the ads.

A new workflow, driven by integration.

We started by having conversations with various parties including award entrants, administrators and judges to identify challenges and pain points during the course of the awards.

With a user-centered approach, we mapped out the experience for different users – Administrators, Jury and the Public. Capitalising on our experience in managing other awards initiatives, we identified ways to better the UX and manage entries more effectively.

The Goal: Smoother submission, judging and showcase experience by building a robust awards portal.

A user centered digital platform.

We charted a workflow-roadmap to identify guiding points and created wireframes to help us understand how to integrate the unique needs of each aspect of the awards with each user role.

We partnered with our digital partners OrigineIT and tech partners at Appleseed.my to help bring the portal to life.

Clarity and transparency

The submitted entries are displayed on a public showcase portal for viewing one month ahead of the judging. The portal encourages the public to share their opinions and raise concerns over the validity of submissions if they suspect any foul play.

The public portal is designed to collect feedback that is later assessed by the working committee to curb suspicious submissions and take appropriate action before judging.

Enabling Administrators to operate better

A flexible online system that integrates the submitted entries seamlessly was conceived such that administrators can easily access on all 3 levels of the awards swigtly – submission; judging; showcase.

Administrator back-end: Integrated user-data-flow for efficient processing, monitoring and viewing of entries.

Improved viewing experience

We also designed an improved UX when browsing the winning entries showcase online.

More emphasis was given to the visual assets (images, videos), supporting them only with the necessary write-ups and credits. This allows users to focus on the creative outcome of the entries.

Publication annuals designed to ensure further recognition and appreciation for the winning entries.