Kyoorius, India

Creative Partners
Fish Do It, Addikt, RocketscienceLab


2006 – Ongoing

Creative Concept, Identity system, Print & Digital Promotional Collaterals, Environmental Graphics,  Event Collaterals

The brand
Kyoorius is an organisation that aims to gather all aspects of creative comms and marketing and empower the Indian creative community.

It does so through events, awards shows, publications and other initiatives that inspire, educate and bring the community together.

Kyoorius Designyatra, a flagship annual design conference is one of the biggest in the world, attended by over 1200 delegates and reputed names in the creative and design industry.

The task
Heading to Designyatra means to be part of a journey and bring together India’s creative community. The event graphics help convey a theme and deliver a cohesive, memorable experience for conference attendees. For 12 years since 2006, we have designed the entire graphics – physical, print and digital – for the conference for both promotional and engagement purposes.

It begins by identifying a theme that sets the tone for the conference. By expanding this theme across all communication materials, we make room to kindle the spirit of questioning, provocation and curiosity among attendees through visuals.

The theme is then adapted into an identity system – for print, screen and on-ground – and applied to all event collaterals.

We carefully crafted visuals, spatial design and even audio, setting the expectations and building momentum for a creative conference.

We designed merchandise giveaways that celebrate the creativity of everyday objects.

We stitched together narratives that stimulate thoughts and encourage conversations among attendees.