Ironwood Music Experience
Rebranding one of Malaysia's best Music Schools on their 10th Anniversary

Ironwood Music Experience is one of the most sought-after boutique music schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The enterprise run by founder Charmaine Tan needed a fun visual identity as they were looking at organizing a 10th Anniversary Recital for their students in 2019.

If you know how to read music, the symbol of “Repeat”, a sign that indicates a section should be repeated, becomes your frenemy. We played on the idea of the repeat symbol to build a logo for Ironwood, extending it into an identity system.

The branding for Ironwood’s 10th Anniversary Recital themed Fab 50s Mad 60s played on the idea of album covers. Each band performing at the recital was introduced with their own “instagrammable” album cover. The social media launch brought Ironwood over 200 followers within just a couple of days on Instagram. We adapted their identity for the on-ground event.

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Ironwood Music Experience

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