Papyrus, Sri Lanka


Branding, Art Direction, Brand Guidelines

The Brand

Sri Lanka’s leading fine paper supplier Papyrus Papers Ltd. commenced business in 2002. The company supplies an unparalleled range of creative papers for designers and printers to choose from — across a broad choice of colour, weight & texture; surpassing a wide range of creative application.

The Logo

Iconic, vibrant, consolidative.

The Identity

Draws inspiration from different platform surfaces — echoing the company’s mission to expand beyond fine paper into allied areas of business, such as digital printing; While showcasing different possibilities for using Papyrus’s products and inspiring its audiences in a contemporary tone and manner.

Tangible & distinctive; the visual impact & tactile qualities displayed through the identity to convey everything from aesthetics, application, style & from creative to professional services.

Edgy, fresh, dynamic.