Antalis 10-20-30
Creating Antalis 102030 – a flagship IP for a leading European paper distributor to connect with the South-East Asia regional markets.

Europe-based Antalis is a leading distributor of paper and packaging solutions with offices across the world. Antalis needed an active outreach and engagement exercise to strengthen its customer base in South-East Asia. 

In response, Some Early Birds conceptualised 102030: a program where 10 experienced professionals (Masters) nominate 20 young upcoming designers (Young Guns i.e. YG) under the age of 30. Antalis showcases and promotes their work through the website, roadshows, events, exhibitions, social media and books. 102030 harnesses content to gave a visible presence to the Antalis brand in the creative community. It was regionally relevant and later expanded to other markets outside Malaysia: Singapore, Thailand and HongKong. 

Some Early Birds created the marketing and programme strategy for 102030. We produced the events, exhibitions and regional roadshows and designed all event-related graphics and promotional materials. We designed the 102030 website, adapted the branding to the site and refreshed it annually with new works and content. We also designed the coffee table book documenting the YG’s works alongside Antalis’ papers.

Antalis Asia Pacific, Singapore


2013 — Present

Marketing Strategy – Web, Social Media, Print; Content Planning & Development; Event Branding, Art Direction, Website UX/UI & Publication Design