Antalis 10-20-30

Antalis Asia Pacific, Singapore


2013 — Present

Marketing Strategy – Web, Social Media, Print; Content Planning & Development; Event Branding, Art Direction, Website UX/UI & Publication Design

The Brand

Antalis is a leading distributor of paper, packaging solutions and visual communication products based in Europe, with offices across the world. Antalis offers its customers the widest and most consistent range of paper products and services related to visual communications solutions.

The Brief

While the Asian region has some of the most important markets where Antalis actively operates, there was a need for a fresh outreach and engagement exercise that widens Antalis’ customer base in South-East Asia in the creative industry.

The aim was to bridge the gap between Antalis and the 3 different target groups: established industry practitioners; young upcoming designers; and students. It also had to establish a visible brand presence for Antalis’ within the creative community and not merely encourage the use of their papers. It had to be regionally relevant as well as scalable to multiple markets keeping in mind Antalis’ potential to expand and grow in other parts of Asia.

The Solution

Antalis 10-20-30 was conceptualised as a platform and an engagement programme that brings together 20 young creative professionals from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, below the age of 30. These 20 ‘Young Guns’ are exclusively hand-picked and nominated by 10 ‘Masters’ i.e. established professionals in this field.

The programme embarks on a regional roadshow, using showcases and interviews to create a dialogue between the Young Guns (YGs) and Masters. It culminates with the production of a coffee-table book documenting the experiences and works of YGs alongside showcasing Antalis’ range of papers.

At the heart of 102030, is a hope to inspire young professionals to embark on their creative journey within the industry.


Over the past 2 editions 1000+ young creatives attended the roadshows, event gatherings, talks and interactions across the region. The platform gradually evolved into an avenue for businesses and establishments to scout for fresh talent in the creative industry.

Antalis 102030 not only connected the different target groups but also gave Antalis a visible presence in the creative community. In the coming years, 102030 is looking to scale up and recognise talents within the greater Asian region, as well as collaborate with various other organisations in the creative industry.