Malaysian Media Awards
Over a decade of partnering Malaysia’s top media award programme, the MMA.

Organised by the Media Specialists Association (MSA), the Malaysian Media Awards reward the most outstanding media campaigns across Malaysia. The MMA has been running for 12 years. It has a showcase portal that archives current and previous winners, and culminates in an event where the awards are presented to the winners. At the end of each edition, an Awards Annual book is published for distribution among media professionals across Malaysia.

Over 10 years, Some Early Birds has been the design and digital partner for MMA. Each year we conceptualise a theme or a communication strategy and design visuals for  the awards’ launch and all other key milestones incl. creatives for social media announcements. We maintain the MMA showcase portal (website) updating it yearly with new content and adapting the branding. We design all event collaterals for the MMA awards’ event: print, digital & screens, and on-ground. We also design the printed MMA Annual publication.

Media Specialists Association

2009 — Present

Showcase Portal, Showcase Annual, Publication Design, Art Direction