Visual communications for Macomm, a company that provides management services to Trade Associations and NGOs

Macomm is a professional management services company whose clientele includes Trade Associations and NGOs (volunteer-driven organizations) working in the marketing, advertising and communications industry. Their services include management, secretarial services, finance & accounting, membership management, knowledge management, event management and PR. Started in 1992, Macomm today is considered the guiding light of the advertising and media industries in Malaysia.

Since 2005, Some Early Birds has designed visual communication for Macomm including corporate communications, marketing communications and event branding. In Digital, we provide them solutions like showcase websites and awards archiving system. We’ve designed event branding for various Macomm events. In Publication, we’ve designed quarterly publications, Annual Reports, Awards Annuals, and coffee-table books as brand communication tools for Macomm.

MACOMM Management, Malaysia

2005 — Present

Annual Reports, Awards Annuals, Event Branding, Digital Awards Archiving Solutions, Showcase Websites, Publication Design