MACOMM Management, Malaysia

2005 — Present

Annual Reports, Awards Annuals, Event Branding, Digital Awards Archiving Solutions, Showcase Websites, Publication Design

The Client
Macomm Management Services is a professional management services company that provides services to Trade Associations and Non-Governmental Organisations in the Marketing, Advertising and Communications Industry.

MACOMM works closely with their clients and partners as the backbone of the management team in these organisations, in order to achieve their mission and goals.

Their services include Specialties Trade Association Management, Secretarial Services, Financial & Accounting Management, Membership Management, Industry Governance, Knowledge Management, Event Management, Public Relations.

Creative Partners
We complement MACOMM’s work, by providing visual comms solutions to empower the associations they work with, to be more effective in their communication and improve public perceptions.

We consultant on and execute work for corporate and brand communications, design marketing collaterals, event branding and digital solutions.

We collaborate with MACOMM to use design and creativity as tools to convey the brands’ message in a meaningful & memorable way, both online and off.  

Brand Communication Solutions
To bridge the gap that exists between associations and their intended audiences — members, other bodies and the government – it is important to have meaningful conversations.

We create narratives that balance business outlines with value-driven content. We design communication materials like quarterly publications, annual reports or coffee table books as brand communication tools.

These publications share insights, improve perception and stir conversations among existing stakeholders, members and external audiences.

Archiving brand property
We also partner with MACOMM on projects documenting brand assets that show the impact these associations have in the industries that they operate in.

We design long-term digital solutions and act on planning, outlining and coordinating content on digital portals that archive content across various platforms.

This archive serves as a testament to the results of a brand’s pursuits, gather support to rally for bigger causes and ensure availability of information for future generations.

Some content can be expressed through print, but some brand assets have a limited shelf-life and can have a better impact online. We are then tasked to digitize them for a wider reach.